Intel introduce to announce its first PC gaming graphics card

Intel might be outfitting to report its first PC gaming illustrations card in more than twenty years. On Thursday, the chip merchant posted a secret video for the GPU, which evidently prompts a forthcoming forager chase including the item.

The organization has effectively said the designs card, named “Xe HPG,” will show up some time this year. We were trusting the secret video may uncover new data. Be that as it may, all we got was some splashy designs rotating around a square of silicon, and that’s it—or so we thought. The video really contains two strange arrangement of numbers. The first, at the 21-second imprint, includes four lines of numbers in parallel code. Wccftech understood similar numbers convert into the digits, which ends up being an IP address that prompts an Intel site,

The site welcomes you with the words “Welcome to the Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt,” which will obviously dispatch on Friday, March 26 at 9 a.m. PST. It enigmatically says guests should return on the date to “enter your mysterious code.”

On March 23, Intel’s new CEO, Pat Gelsinger, is holding an occasion to talk about the organization’s future, so perhaps it will pass out the code at that point.

It’s additionally conceivable the mysterious code alludes to the second baffling number present in the secret video. At the 17-second imprint, the number succession 79.0731W shows up. From that point forward, clients have seen 79.0731W may allude to geographic directions, however who knows?

We’ll need to sit back and watch. Yet, we speculate the scrounger chase will eventually include puzzles across the web that can be decoded to uncover the Xe HPG’s specs.

It’s positively acceptable to see more rivalry in the designs card market, particularly as interest for AMD’s and Nvidia’s GPUs has been overwhelming supplies. Notwithstanding, Intel’s Xe HPG most likely will not give alleviation to purchasers for the time being. The organization will abstain from making the card utilizing its own foundries. All things considered, Intel is tapping an external producer, likely the as of now limit stressed TSMC, to fabricate the designs cards.